Workshop visit

Don’t you just love the smell of freshly sawn oak or pine? My grandad had a wood yard and was also a joiner of some repute, so when I walk into a workshop today, those evocative smells remind me of my childhood and the special relationship I had with Grandad Jack. So, I always look forward to going in to our suppliers’ workshops to check out progress and the quality of the craftsmanship.

Last week I visited the workshops of Hadley Interiors in Halifax to take a look at the Heritage Hub modules being made for the Aurora Wellbeing Centre in Worksop. The Heritage Hub will have themed displays of objects and graphics and will be installed on site in mid-September. I’m pleased to say that the workshop inspection was passed, and the display modules approved ready to go to the paint and finishing shop.

With completion of this special project scheduled for the end of September, we’re really looking forward to Aurora Wellbeing’s clients and the people of Worksop enjoying connecting with and chatting about the area’s fascinating heritage.