Tyne to Tees

Starting a new project always brings with it a great sense of excitement and anticipation – the stories we’re going tell and the wonderful stuff to be designed which will inspire people to visit a place, learn, and connect. Last week, Phil had the pleasure of spending a couple of days visiting the coastal towns and points of interest between the Tees and Tyne estuaries and thus getting to grips with the area which makes up the Seascapes Project: a Landscape Partnerships project which will connect local people with the area’s fascinating history – not only along the shore and intertidal area, but 6 miles out to sea. Industrial, marine, natural, wartime and social heritage stories will be told using the idea of moving people, goods, sand and other geological features. We’re looking forward to working alongside the four local authorities led by Durham County Council, Newcastle and Sunderland Universities, Durham Wildlife Trust, the National Trust and other knowledgeable organisations who will input their passion and expertise to help us develop some engaging and immersive experiences.