Shenzhen Maritime Museum

We’re delighted that our China partners Qingshang have been successful winning in a major exhibition planning tender competition for the new Shenzhen Maritime Museum. We’ve assisted them in a consultancy role, advising them on the top level positioning and conceptual direction for the visitor experience.

The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen is a major focus for cultural landmark projects, and the Shenzhen Maritime Museum in particular, is central to cementing the city’s place as a ‘global marine centre of excellence’.

In line with the vision of Shenzhen becoming a global marine centre, the museum will inspire visitors to think about the scale of opportunities and the value of roles linked with the ocean – its careful monitoring, management and stewardship and helping meet the challenges of global climate change through the application of innovative technologies.


Japanese Architectural firm SANAA’s concept for the new Shenzhen Maritime Museum