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Yanghu Wetland Discovery Centre

Yanghu Wetland Discovery Centre

Changsha, China

The goddess

What have the ancient Chinese goddess Nuwa, angels and a giant egret got in common? The answer: Yanghu Wetland Discovery Centre in Changsha.  

In Chinese mythology the goddess Nuwa held up stones to the heavens, restoring order and balance to a broken natural world. This story seemed to us an appropriate metaphor and a good source of inspiration for a large public realm sculpture to represent the Changsha Yanghu Wetland Park project. The aim of the project was to bring nature into the heart of the city, and encourage the city to live more harmoniously with the natural environment.

The angels and
an egret

So, how do angels come into it? Well, it was in response to our recommendations about volunteering on the wetland site that the client team established a ‘volunteer angels’ programme – one of the first of its kind in China – to help manage and maintain the visitor centre and surrounding urban wetland.

And egrets? These iconic wetland birds were the focus of an external design scheme that included several large sculptures as part of the approach to the visitor centre.

Image Makers Yanghu Wetland Discovery Centre, Changsha, China
Image Makers Yanghu Centre-2
Image Makers Yanghu Wetland Discovery Centre, Changsha, China

From concept to commendation

Having worked on this project from concept stage to detailed design and oversight and quality control of factory fabrication, we have been delighted to learn that the completed project has received numerous commendations and awards and that the Yanghu Wetland Discovery Centre is widely regarded as an exemplar of good practice among wetland sites in China.

Image Makers Yanghu Egret Statue, Changsha, China

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