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Weston Museum

Iron Age gold &
Gainsborough –
beside the seaside

The redisplayed Weston Museum tells the story of the town and North Somerset, from pre-historic times to the present day via fresh modern galleries. With such a richly diverse collection of objects to display including Iron Age gold and classic seaside Victoriana, we had a golden opportunity to create an exciting and engaging museum that tells locally distinct stories and appeals to residents and tourists alike.

The galleries include introductory projections and directional soundscapes, the fine art collections featuring works by Gainsborough, stunning archaeology and engaging social history and tourism displays. The object-rich exhibits and bespoke showcase system are complemented by striking graphics and interactives enhance the story telling and include a number of audiovisual displays, audio points, object handling, dressing up in period costume and hands-on puzzles. Branded orientation and way-finding signage was designed and installed to complete the museum’s refreshed look.

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