Wardown House

Wardown House
Museum and Gallery

A grand Victorian mansion
re-imagined, becoming
a much loved local museum

From family home to military hospital to town museum, Luton’s Wardown House was a museum which had lost its Victorian essence. With an eclectic mix of treasures hidden away, Imagemakers reimagined, repurposed and refreshed the museum to tell the story of its rich history …with a modern twist.

Largely dispensing with traditional graphic panels, room magazines along with cabinets of curiosity, digital displays, a digital tour and quirky AV technology, were all used to engage with visitors.

The few graphic panels used were seamlessly integrated under toilet seats, inside boxes and on printed tiles.

The beauty of Wardown House is that visitors feel as if they are stepping back in time and can learn by interacting with characters and displays rather than by simply viewing.

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