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National Tramway Museum

National Tramway Museum

Crich, UK

Electrifying the Future – Michael Holroyd Smith

Crich Tramway Museum is an independent museum with over 60 trams set within Crich Tramway Village, a period village containing a pub, cafe, old-style sweetshop and tram depots. The museum’s collection of trams runs through the village with visitors transported one-mile out into the local countryside.

After receiving a grant within the History Makers project by the AIM Biffa Award, the museum appointed Imagemakers to design and build a new exhibition in the Great Exhibition Hall to explore the life, inspiration and inventions of Michael Holroyd Smith, a prolific electrical and mechanical inventor, with an aptitude for stepping into the forefront of new ideas.

Holroyd Smith was an unsung genius who rubbed shoulders with the likes of Thomas Edison, Graham Bell, Louis Renault and Sir Hiram Maxim.

Design Planning

Using the previously written interpretation framework, Imagemakers worked closely with the curatorial team and STEM specialist consultants, Learn by Design, to develop a scheme which would be both informative, fun and interactive, and provide a fascinating insight in to Holroyd Smith’s life and works whilst making young visitors think about why they might become the inventors and engineers of the future.

Imagemakers basically took our ideas for some interactives and made them into an affordable but fantastic reality!

Jill Clark, Learn by Design

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Graphic Design approach

The 30m long linear exhibition called for a unique and distinctive graphic design. Inspiration for the chosen direction came from the archive of Holroyd Smith’s blueprints which form part of the museum’s collection. The electric blue colour, engineering components and motifs present a striking brand which draws visitors to explore the exhibition.

Our solutions include carefully layered graphics with integrated object displays, a sliding display system hosting a selection of historical engineering drawings, a 55-inch touchscreen with digitised copies of the museum’s Holroyd Smith collection, Design a Tram tracing interactive, electronic multiple choice interactive, a gear-train interactive and What would you Invent call to action interactive.

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