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The Tiger Tank Collection

The Tank Museum

The Tiger Tank Collection

The Terrifying
Tiger Tanks

The Tank Museum is well known for having one of the largest and most complete collections of tanks in the world, and its Tiger Tank Collection exhibition is a world first, bringing together as it does, every member of the muchfeared German World War II Tiger tank family

Black and white

The tanks, which include a Tiger I, two King Tigers, a Jagdtiger and ‘The Elefant are displayed within a minimal, clinically white, almost car-showroomlike setting. Here visitors can get up close to each tank, as well as climb up onto a viewing gantry to take photographs of the collection as a whole. Informative graphics and touchscreen installations, together with a large showcase of Tiger-related equipment, give visitors a fascinating insight into the design and technical aspects of these iconic World War II tanks. 

Image Makers Tiger Tanks exhibition

Tank stories

In stark contrast to the whiteness of the main collection display area, visitors enter into a predominantly blackpainted environment where large format graphics, AV and audio combine to tell the personal stories of the German and British war veterans who crewed and fought against the Tigers. In telling these stories, the exhibition treads a cautious line to avoid glorifying the Tiger tanks or their links with Nazis.

Image Makers Tiger Tanks exhibition

The Sturmtiger

No collection of Tiger tanks would be complete without the Sturmtiger a fearsome monster of a tank with its infamous, huge calibre main gun and jet-propelled shells. Only a few were ever made, and it is possible to count on one hand those that survive. With no possibility of displaying the Sturmtiger in physical form, a mixed reality, AR-type experience was developed which allows visitors to view a Sturmtiger from all angles (and even look inside it) as if it were physically present in the space.

Image Makers Tiger Tanks
Image Makers Tiger Tanks
Image Makers Tiger Tanks

Creative development

We have been a trusted design and delivery partner for The Tank Museum for about five years, having previously assisted them in the creation of their Battlegroup Afghanistan Exhibition and major re-development of their World War I galleries. As ever, our greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that the vision and quality of the project has resulted in a deepening engagement with the visiting public. Certainly, feedback from The Tank Museum and Trip Advisor seems to suggest that The Tiger Collection, including its innovative Sturmtiger AR experience, is a big hit.

“The Tank Museum has worked with Imagemakers on various projects over the last few years. Most recently, they brought the Tiger Tank Collection to life. Imagemakers understood our brief and developed it into an interactive and engaging exhibition that is receiving rave reviews.”

Exhibitions and Learning Manager, Sarah Lambert

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