The Tank Museum

The Tank Museum

A successful
partnership &
rave reviews

Imagemakers has been a trusted partner of the Tank Museum since 2010 when we delivered the immersive Battlegroup Afghanistan exhibition, that placed visitors inside a forward operational base in Helmand Province. More recently we re-designed the World War I galleries introducing new audio visual and sensory experiences alongside fresh object displays and new scenic work.

Our most recent creation is a new gallery for the Tank Museum’s world-renowned and unique Tiger Collection. The deliberately clinical-feeling space presents the entire family of Tigers alongside large-format touchscreens, backdrop graphics and a film featuring footage of both British and German veterans. The ‘Sturmtiger’ – a fearsome monster of a tank with huge calibre main gun is experience via a mixed reality, AR experience, enabling visitors to view it from all angles (and even look inside it) as if it were physically present in the space. The Tigers experience has been a huge hit, receiving rave reviews and interest from around the world.

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