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‘The Car, The Future, Me’

British Motor Museum

Warwickshire, UK

Big News

Climate change and the health of our planet are big news, brought passionately into our living rooms by the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg. Against this background, unsurprisingly, the motor car has been thrust into the spotlight and the curatorial staff at the British Motor Museum asked Imagemakers to work alongside them to create ‘The Car – The Future – Me’, a new exhibition that explores the future of personal transport.

A new era for the car is upon us, with technology moving so fast that it was difficult to keep up with developments whilst we were developing the content! For example, Curator, Stephen Laing, discussed electric cars that incorporated solar panels to generate electricity for their batteries as a future solution. Then, within a week, a long-range solar powered car was unveiled to the public in the Netherlands!

Innovation – then and now

‘The Car – The Future – Me’ enables visitors to explore all sorts technology from the past, present and future: from a Victorian battery-powered taxi and a 21stCentury  autonomous ‘pod’ to the latest e-powered offering from Jaguar and even a prototype flying car developed by Aston Martin.

A striking infographic approach was taken to the large format graphics and this transferred very successfully to a number of interactive exhibits such as City Shapers, a large format board game where players can shape the design of a new urban environment. Visitors ‘navigate’ the exhibition following floor graphics that mimic those found on satnav screens.

A series of touchscreens pose key questions to visitors and screens play short videos showing how people all over the world are changing their views about and use of personal vehicles.

A small cinema shows a brand-new film exploring the arguments and views of people for and against the brave new world of vehicles electric, autonomous (self-driving) and shared transportation.

No one can be sure where this very fast-moving aspect of our lives is going but ‘The Car – The Future – Me’ certainly brings the issues to the forefront of peoples’ minds and asks almost as many questions as it answers.

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