Shakespeare's Schoolroom Header


Take your seats,
the lesson is
about to begin

Woe betide you if you step out of line during today’s school lesson.

Imagine sitting on the forms in the same room where a young William Shakespeare was first inspired to become a writer. The mock lesson is the highlight of the visit for many visitors to Shakespeare’s Schoolroom in Stratford upon Avon.

But they also learn about the historic building’s eclectic past – as a council building, courtroom and classroom for the modern school to which it is still attached.

Detailed reconstruction illustrations provide splendid graphic backdrops to support content given via touchscreens. A tablet mounted on an oak table tells us about the schoolboys who “graffitied” the table with their initials whilst others can have a go at writing with a quill sat at original school desks. Audios and films and an AV show which explains the meaning behind historic wall paintings complete an interesting and informative visitor offer.

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