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Vikings Voyagers,
Tattoos &
Captain Bligh

Imagemakers is a long-term partner of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. Initially working with NMMC and the British Museum, we created the Viking Voyagers exhibition which challenges the stereotype that Vikings were little more than bloodthirsty warriors. It showcases their skill, creativity and sophistication with breath-taking artefacts, replica boats and inspiring interactives and audio-visuals.

The British Tattoo Art exhibition is a celebration of tattooing in the UK and demystifies the connotations surrounding tattooing. The exhibition has been a catalyst for bringing artists together to celebrate tattoos of remembrance, fashion, locations and statements. Particularly striking is the ‘100 Hands Project’ which is a display of 100 tattooed silicon hands created by leading tattoo artists. The exhibition has successfully toured for two years.

In parallel with ‘Tattoo’ we designed the Myth, Man & Mutiny exhibition which challenges the Hollywood depiction of the famous mutiny on HMS Bounty. In a remarkable feat of seamanship, Bligh sailed the heavily overloaded launch to safety across 3600 nautical miles of open sea. The exhibition brings to life this survival story, featuring relics from the voyage and a specially built reproduction of the Bounty launch.

Photographs of ‘Tattoo’ and ‘Myth, Man & Mutiny’ kindly provided by NMMC

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