Land of Oak and Iron Header

Land of Oak and Iron

Why would an old cast iron
ship’s bell be displayed on
a huge piece of oak trunk?

The iconic visitor centre, nestled in the Derwent Valley, celebrate the area’s industrial past and today’s rich cultural heritage of rapper dancing, music and arts.

The entrance to the centre is dominated by a huge slice of an oak trunk upon which iconic objects are displayed. Using the skills of local craft folk and artists, Imagemakers devised an aesthetically bold scheme with a layered 3D map which helps orientate visitors and encourages them to explore local heritage sites. Telling the stories of the former ironworks and the use of natural resources from the woodlands, visitors can discover the social and industrial history on touchscreens and graphic panels. The distinct brand identity runs through the website, events screen in the café and the popular snakes and ladders game which children play, along with completing the challenges in an activity booklet.

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