Glouc hub_Resized

Gloucester Cathedral’s
Project Pilgrim

Award winning project –
setting a new standard in
cathedral interpretation

Gloucester Cathedral is located in the south of England, it was a pilgrimage site as early as 1300 years ago. It is not only the location of the BBC’s famous documentary, but also the filming location of Hogwarts College in the “Harry Potter” film series.

As interpretive designers for Project Pilgrim, Imagemakers created a multi-faceted scheme that combines digital media and the highest quality materials to bring 1,000 years of Cathedral heritage to life. Outside, skilfully carved stone ‘story’ blocks and signage lead visitors in their discovery. Inside, an interactive tactile stone table with illuminated glass tower orientates visitors before they explore further, engaging with a series of content-rich digital hubs housed in beautiful edge-lit glass and oak structures.

A content-rich digital tour and accessible virtual tour include augmented reality features and stunning specially-commissioned drone footage that provide unique views of out-of-reach locations. Immersive projection-mapped AV and an interactive stained glass window explorer screen tell the story of the monumental architectural and artistic achievement in building the Cathedral, whilst an interactive exhibition further explores the work of the countless masons and craftsmen who created this extraordinary legacy.

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