Tramway Museum

Electrifying the Future at
Crich Tramway Museum

What would you design?
A puppet flapping his arms
around in an acrylic case!

Crich Tramway Museum displays and runs vintage trams through a period village containing a pub, cafe, old-style sweetshop and tram depots.

With STEM outputs a priority, Imagemakers worked with the client team and other designers to develop an informative and interactive display with bold “electrifying” graphics, objects and an updatable art display system for the original engineering drawings of prolific inventor Michael Holroyd Smith.

When a solution is found on the gears interactive, our puppet flaps his arms! Visitors can take the Electrifying Quiz, design their own tram on the tracing light box interactive or use the large touchscreen to scrutinize archive images and the historic engineering drawings in more detail. Finally, children are asked to leave a clue about what invention they would like to design – the patent office is going to be busy!

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