Buxton Crescent Header

Buxton Crescent

The story of how water
has shaped this spa
town and the Georgian
crescent building –
saved and restored as
a luxury 5 star hotel.

Each of the nine beautifully appointed rooms tells a different story and, like flicking through a magazine – it doesn’t really matter what order you read them in.

Visitors are greeted in the Buxton timeline room and conclude their visit with an uplifting film about how water continues to shape the town’s prosperity. But the other features can be taken as you fancy. They include stories about Georgian architecture and why the 5th Duke of Devonshire built the Crescent; how the healing properties of the thermal waters have attracted visitors for over 300 years – some to take the Water Cure – a regimen not dissimilar to today’s health and wellbeing agenda. We also learn about ailments local people suffered during the Georgian period and how a prescription from the dodgy local apothecary might provide a remedy.

A tasteful mix of dynamic audio visual presentations, touchscreen games, low tech interactives and graphic panels meets the challenge of both educating and entertaining with its astute mix of styles and delivery.

The scheme is a finalist in the 2021 Association for Heritage Interpretation Engaging People Awards.

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