Electrifying the Future – Michael Holroyd Smith

A 30m long electric-blue graphic hoarding, a flying puppet, gears and electronic multiple choice interactives and a display system for some of Michael Holroyd Smith’s 100-year-old technical drawings –the new display in the Great Exhibition Hall at the Tramway Museum in Derbyshire is sure to catch the eye. Imagemakers have recently completed the design and implementation of this fantastic new display.

To compare Holroyd Smith as prolific inventor as De Vinci may be an exaggeration, but this unassuming gentleman produced a wide range of engineering designs ranging from trams, cars, helicopters, angling gadgets and boomerangs, to name but a few. We celebrate his work in this new exhibition whilst linking with the STEM project, encouraging children to get in to engineering and become the inventors of tomorrow.



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