Celebrating natural history in China and the UK

Just sharing the good news that Imagemakers won the exhibition design competition for the new National Botanical Museum in Kunming, China.


News spread quickly through the museum community in China, even reaching British Ambassador Caroline Wilson following a dinner we attended at the Chongqing consulate.


The Chinese authorities want Kunming to be a national and global centre for botany and nature conservation – a bit like Eden, but on steroids. Kunming will hit the headlines in October when the city hosts the world biodiversity summit, a parallel process to November’s critical climate change conference in Glasgow.


We’ve worked on quite a few natural history museums and nature reserves in China and Hong Kong. Every time we’ve focussed on messages about nature conservation, reflecting the Chinese concept of ‘living in harmony with nature’.


It’s a real privilege to be doing our bit for the planet, and supporting Britain’s soft power and creative sector in China.


Images and captions: Kunming National Botanic Museum, China © Imagemakers

Geologically inspired lobby designs


Giant pollen grain interpretive displays

Sculptural rest points beneath high level walkways


Consideration for day and night use of the rainforest biome


Visitors use monopods to explore the site indoors and out